The Moment has come The Summer of Nightmares hunt will kick off at 12 Midnight SLT on 7/17/2013!!!
There are 37 stores participating and there is excitement in the air.... the summer of nightmares has a whole new look however It's still the hunt that will Make you wonder why your even doing this hunt in the first place!
Prize previews and more are to come later on today and the Site will be updated soon! 
I wish you all a haunting hunt :D

Pyewackett Jinn
7/17/2013 06:57:08

I'm confused! Is this hunt just starting or is it from last year? One picture has 2013, but the same picture has 2012. If this 'Summer of Nightmares' hunt is just starting I would like to be in the hunt looking for prizes. Where would I find the locations and hints? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Ari Cheng
7/17/2013 08:43:31

Actually None of the pictures Say 2012... So I'm not sure what your talking about. This is the first time that this hunt will be running. This hunt will be started for certain at MIDNIGHT tonight. I'm working on the Website now And I wish that you would be patient as I'm getting everything ready for it to start. If you have anymore questions please feel free and Message me in world.


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