The Hunt is Really Getting underway The hunt hints page is being worked on
Please remember that there are some bumps in the process of the first few days 
As well as some stores do not wish to Show what hunt item they have made for this hunt!
If you have any questions or need help hunting please join the Infinite Fantasia hunters Group :D
(Copy and paste this in your second life browser to join: secondlife:///app/group/0ee77ead-26f0-6a05-bc5b-8baeafd909f9/about )
Click the Button below to be Taken to the hints page!
Hey everyone! Are you having a heart attack yet that this hunt is actually coming into fruitation now?! 
Well Good news! The hunt item pictures for this hunt are being added! Wheeeeeewt!
So With this being said just click this little button Here to go and explore all the possible nightmares you may soon have 
The Moment has come The Summer of Nightmares hunt will kick off at 12 Midnight SLT on 7/17/2013!!!
There are 37 stores participating and there is excitement in the air.... the summer of nightmares has a whole new look however It's still the hunt that will Make you wonder why your even doing this hunt in the first place!
Prize previews and more are to come later on today and the Site will be updated soon! 
I wish you all a haunting hunt :D

I know I'm late in updating the website but please be patient with me
A lot of things have come up in my Real life and being the only one running infinite fantasia hunts I'm having to postpone this hunt. I hope that you all will understand. However I can assure you all that this hunt will be starting soon with a new dateli
Scary things happen during summer with this hunt full of your worst nightmares! Either if it's your immense fear of spiders, or your queasiness to blood, this hunt caters to all those that are brave enough to conquer their deepest fears in order to gain rich prizes!

How the theme came to be:
As a horror movie buff, I love to have a good jump scare every now and again, and what a better way to see what scares the people of second life than a good ol' fashion hunt based on the fears of our creators that  gets them wanting to run to the nearest exit!

If you are a store owner and are interested in appling for this hunt Hover your mouse over the "More" tab and select how to apply and follow the instructions from there on!  But hurry! your only chance to apply for this hunt is June 15th!