Hey everyone  It looks like I have some explaining to do....

First off...
A#1: Well when worse came to worse I washed my hands clean of this hunt completely... this hunt although seeming fun at the start turned to be something to be drama filled and the complaints kept filing up. honestly I have to say that I've been attempting to keep this hunt afloat for the remainder of the time however there isn't much more that I can do. there is a lot of dead ends where the store owners never informed me of nothing. So If you need more information on this hunt at any time I suggest joining the in world store group for more information.

Q#2. Where is the updates to the hunts? where are the Hints? WHERE IS THE PICTURES?!
A#2. For this I have to state this as my fault. I have become overwhelmed with in world drama as well as a hectic and life threatening real life ( The life threatening happened when I landed my self in the EMERGENCY ROOM)
Further more I can also understand that as a hunter not seeing the pictures of the hunt items makes it frustrating but there are some stores that to these hunts that do not wish to provide a hint or picture with this being said you have to respect their wish. on the other hand I just need to pull my pieces together and get everything situated. I'm running these hunts solo and with what help I can get from the store creators as well, the only thing I can say is please be patient

Q#3. So what is your game plan now?
A#3. My game plan is just to now get things together for the summer of nightmares hunt....
I know that it's running behind and the store owners already know that it's going to be late as I've informed them that the hunt will start tomorrow (.July 14th,2013) however because I'm currently unable to get things out and done I may postpone this hunt until Wed 17,2013. The only thing I can suggest is that everyone join the hunters group in world to get updates as to what is going on what stores move where and what new things are taking place .

Q#4. What is the purpose of this page on the website
A#4. The purpose of this page is to attempt to make sure everyone is on the same page regardless if it's for an upcoming hunt or not. I want to make sure the hunters understand what is going on and what is being done to resolve the situation.
This is a learning curve, and I personally with each hunt am learning something to transits hunts to being something easier to have fun and not stress as much.

I hope these answer some of your questions.
If you have more please feel free to notecard Ari Cheng in world and I'll make sure that I take care of everyone's questions as the come through. I don't mean to run my own hunts nor store owners in the mud or even keep everyone in the dark. A lot of you know that RL comes first and that's just what has been happening... and it sucks. However I will try and keep you all updated as more information comes through. thank you for reading this.

Ari Cheng

    Ari Cheng

    I'm Creating this page for main hunt updates and information that you as a hunter would like to keep up with...


    July 2013